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Find Your Inner Artist

Ok, this is so cool! Sigalit Landau put a 1920s hasidic dress in the Dead Sea for an art project and look how it looks! This is gorgeous. It has been there for months to give it this look.

Just remember, inside you is an inner artist that wants to shine too. Follow your inner light and see what beautiful work you can create too!

See the Eerie Transformation of a Dress That???s Been Submerged in the Dead Sea for Months


Don’t Get Down

The news is full of negativity, sadness and stuff that can bring you down. Right now the Fed is positioned for a hike and investors are nervous.

Here are some posts to be informed, but no matter what dont get down. You are alive, probably healthy, and you can create your own destiny.

Looking For Motivation

Here is an awesome video from Tony Robbins. If you are in need of some extra motivation, watch and implement these nuggets:


Want some motivational music?

Remember that when things are hard, the place to turn first is your mindset. When you believe you can succeed you can do anything. But if you don’t believe in yourself, then it is easy to give up without even much effort.

Top Cosmetology Schools

cosmetology school

Fashion is everywhere and it continues to grow and change as the years go by. Aside from fashion, the art of beauty too continues to expand. But to know and understand beauty one must have the knowledge about it. What could be a better way to learn than by attending a beauty school. Beauty school is where it all begins. The direct path to a career that is focused on creating beauty and fashion all starts in learning the basics from a beauty school.

Some schools offer a full range of programs starting from the products to the science of fashion while other schools are more the hands on kind of learning. Just learning cosmetology isnt enough, you will have to further hone the knowledge you have gained to be able to work it in your chosen field. With that, it is important to graduate from a school that gives you the license needed for your career.

So whats great about going to a beauty school? As I have mentioned, if you aim to learn more about beauty and fashion, you gotta start from learning the basics which a beauty school can give you.

So now you know whats great about going to a beauty school, you might be thinking what makes a good cosmetology school? Well, to be honest, there are many factors that should be considered before choosing on which program to take and what is right for you. Again, there are schools that offer a wide range of programs and others are pretty much hands on. There are also specialty programs that focus only on one type of cosmetology. Now let us list down the things you need to keep in mind before choosing a beauty school.

Accreditation this is a must and the first thing to check. If the school is accredited then you are sure to get the best from it and graduate with a license. So dont waste your time on programs that arent even accredited.

Cost this is another thing that is important. You need to know if you are able to pay for tuition, tools and other expenses. Also check for availability to receive financial aid to offset some of the heavy educational expenses.

Location the closer you are to the school the better. If you want, you can also consider relocating if your chosen school is far. This way, it will be much easier for you to manage your time.

Career Assistance if your goal is to start a business after learning cosmetology, then it’s best to find a school that can help you. One that can offer you free employment assistance upon graduation is definitely a must.

Another thing to consider in choosing a beauty school is the variety of programs they offer. It’s best to consider which one is available to you and also try to determine if they meet your educational needs or not.

You may also try to consider the size of the class if you want to have a smaller size that will provide you the most amount of attention you will need.

There are different types of beauty schools these are:
Cosmetology schools, they offer a full service program. They train their students from makeup artistry, nails, hair to aesthetics.

Barber School is similar to hair school but more focused on serving male customers. Included in their program are sections on shaving, short haircuts specialty and care.

Hair School  focuses on the art of hair and mostly serves female customers. This program tend to cover topics such as cutting, styling, maintenance and others that specify the beautifying the hair.

Makeup Artistry–This program is about makeup. Some cosmetology schools don’t include makeup artistry in their license program so be sure to check it first before enrolling.

Now below are some of the top cosmetology schools as of today.

The Aveda Institute is one of the most well known cosmetology school and highly regarded beauty schools today. If you go to this school, you can be assured that you will get a well rounded and exciting education. They cover hair cutting, coloring and esthetician services. Also, they offer tons of support in the form of financial aid, a flexible class schedule and even job placement opportunities when you graduate.

American Beauty Academy–one of the best local beauty schools in Utah (cosmetology schools in Utah) with small classes and more hands floor experience with clients. They have very high job placement and salon and barber shop owners frequently contact the school because the students from ABA are so well prepared. The environment is more intimate than the chain beauty schools. They offer full cosmetology programs at both schools (Payson and Salt Lake), while the barber program is only at the Salt Lake location.

Regency Beauty Institute– With around 88 locations across the U.S., you are sure to find one near your area. They offer full cosmetology education, covering everything from makeup to hair. They also give the students a chance to learn in salon environment and even hands on experience which is invaluable to their careers. Students also receive some sort of financial aid. This gives anyone the possibility to make their dreams come true and pursue their career.

Empire Beauty School–This school has been over 75 years in the world of cosmetology and has given all their students the opportunity to boost their career in cosmetology and make their dreams come true. This school is dedicated in helping their student to reach their dreams of becoming professionals or to be better in their careers.

These are just a few of the known beauty schools around. Other schools that have yet to be mentioned are: Paul Mitchell, Sassoon Academy, Ogle Schools, Xenon Academy, Marinello Schools of Beauty and others.