Find Your Inner Artist

Ok, this is so cool! Sigalit Landau put a 1920s hasidic dress in the Dead Sea for an art project and look how it looks! This is gorgeous. It has been there for months to give it this look.

Just remember, inside you is an inner artist that wants to shine too. Follow your inner light and see what beautiful work you can create too!

See the Eerie Transformation of a Dress That???s Been Submerged in the Dead Sea for Months


Don’t Get Down

The news is full of negativity, sadness and stuff that can bring you down. Right now the Fed is positioned for a hike and investors are nervous.

Here are some posts to be informed, but no matter what dont get down. You are alive, probably healthy, and you can create your own destiny.

Looking For Motivation

Here is an awesome video from Tony Robbins. If you are in need of some extra motivation, watch and implement these nuggets:


Want some motivational music?

Remember that when things are hard, the place to turn first is your mindset. When you believe you can succeed you can do anything. But if you don’t believe in yourself, then it is easy to give up without even much effort.